Sunday, 19 February 2017

League Doubles Draw

League Doubles Draw.

To Be Played Thursday 9th February.

Each Match is First to 5.

8.00pm Start - Grange Bar

John McNeilly and Aaron Kirkwood vs Jackie Murdock and Uel Wallace.
Alan Ferguson and David Steen vs Darren Ryles and Paul Shannon.

8.00pm Start - Wayside Inn

Prelim - Iain Britton and Alastair Wilson vs Jeff Moore and Craig Laughlin.
Winner of Prelim vs Ryan Douglas and Russell Lyness.

8.00pm Start - Tweedies

Prelim - Marc Higgins and Philip Houston vs Gary Rutherford and Kyle Kirkwood.
Winner of Prelim vs Johnny Mackay and Robert Wilson.

8.30pm Start - McConnells

Prelim - Gareth Fears and Michael Higgins vs Gary Neeson and Deeky Wilson.
Winner of Prelim vs Michael Leitch and Nick Gibson.