Sunday 19 February 2017

Doubles Finals Night

Big well done to Hasbeens pairing Alastair Wilson and Iain Britton on winning this seasons Doubles. They defeated Gary Rutherford and Kyle Kirkwood in the final.
Semi Final Results
Ali and Iain 5-2 Jackie and Uel
Kyle and Gary 5-0 Deeky and Gary
Ali and Iain 5-3 Kyle and Gary.
In the rearranged game Alexanders drew 7-7 with Tweedies.
Tweedies won the first session 6-1 and Alexanders won the second session 6-1.

Doubles Draw

Doubles Semi Finals in the 5 Corners. 8pm start. First to 5.

Iain Britton & Alastair Wilson v Jackie Murdock & Uel Wallace
Deeky Wilson & Gary Neeson v Gary Rutherford & Kyle Kirkwood

InterLeague B Team

Ballyclare InterLeague 'B' Team
Darren Ryles (C) - Tweedies
John Wilson - Alexanders
Brian Shannon Snr - Granges
Brian Shannon Jnr - Granges
Gary Cowan - Granges
Stephen Shannon - Granges
Paul Shannon - Granges
Nick Gibson - Parkview
Mark Turkington - Parkview
Alan Ferguson - Tweedies
Nigel McDowell - Tweedies
David Steen - Tweedies
Aaron Kirkwood - Wayside

League Doubles Draw

League Doubles Draw.

To Be Played Thursday 9th February.

Each Match is First to 5.

8.00pm Start - Grange Bar

John McNeilly and Aaron Kirkwood vs Jackie Murdock and Uel Wallace.
Alan Ferguson and David Steen vs Darren Ryles and Paul Shannon.

8.00pm Start - Wayside Inn

Prelim - Iain Britton and Alastair Wilson vs Jeff Moore and Craig Laughlin.
Winner of Prelim vs Ryan Douglas and Russell Lyness.

8.00pm Start - Tweedies

Prelim - Marc Higgins and Philip Houston vs Gary Rutherford and Kyle Kirkwood.
Winner of Prelim vs Johnny Mackay and Robert Wilson.

8.30pm Start - McConnells

Prelim - Gareth Fears and Michael Higgins vs Gary Neeson and Deeky Wilson.
Winner of Prelim vs Michael Leitch and Nick Gibson.

Sport N Sound Cup Draw

Sport N Sound Cup Draw

To Be Played Thursday 9th March.

Hasbeens - Alexanders
Winner plays Away to Granges in Semi's.
Parkview - Wayside
Winner plays at Home to Tweedies in Semi's.

League Results - Week 10

League Results Week 10

Alexander's P-P Tweedies
Granges 4-10 Wayside
Parkview 4-10 Hasbeens

League Fixture 10

Thursday 2nd February - League Fixture 10

Alexanders P - P Tweedies
Granges - Wayside
Parkview - Hasbeens

Friday 27 January 2017

League Results - Week 9

Wayside 8-6 Alexanders
Hasbeens 7-7 Granges
Tweedies 10-4 Parkview

League Fixture - Week 9

Thursday 26th January - League Fixture 9
Hasbeens - Granges
Tweedies - Parkview
Wayside - Alexanders

League Results Week 8

Wayside 7-7 Hasbeens
Granges 4-10 Tweedies
Parkview 4-10 Alexanders

League Fixtures - Week 8

Thursday 19th January - League Fixture 8
Wayside - Hasbeens
Granges - Tweedies
Parkview - Alexanders

League Results - Week 7

Results Thursday 12th Jan
Tweedies 9-5 Hasbeens 😡
Parkview 5-9 Wayside 😭
Alexanders 7-7 Granges 🤔

League Fixtures - Week 7

Thursday 12th January - League Fixture 7
Tweedies - Hasbeens
Alexanders - Granges
Parkview - Wayside

League Results - Week 6

Wayside 7-7 Tweedies
Granges 6-8 Parkview
Hasbeens 9-5 Alexanders

Ballyclare InterLeague A Team

Ballyclare InterLeague 'A' Team 2017
Michael Higgins - Hasbeens (C)
Jeff Moore - Alexanders
Craig Laughlin - Alexanders
Iain Britton - Hasbeens
Simon McConnell - Hasbeens
Gareth Fears - Hasbeens
Robert McCullough - Hasbeens
Gary Neeson - Hasbeens
Aaron Leslie - Tweedies
Kyle Kirkwood - Wayside
Jackie Murdock - Wayside
Gary Rutherford - Wayside

League Fixture 6

Thursday 5th January.
Wayside - Tweedies
Hasbeens - Alexanders
Granges - Parkview.

Sunday 1 January 2017

Shane Curran Cup Final

Hasbeens 8-5 Tweedies

Sunday 11 December 2016

League Results - Week 5

Thursday 8th December, League Fixture 5.

Hasbeens 5-9 Wayside
Granges 5-9 Alexanders
Tweedies 11-3 Parkview

3 A Sides


The Wayside team of Gary Rutherford, Neil Campbell and Kyle Kirkwood came from 4-2 down to defeat a Five Corners team of Simon Mcconnell, Deeky Wilson and Gary Neeson.

The trophy looked to be heading to the Corners until Soupy was awarded 2 shots before finishing a neat 5 ball finish. The Wayside team never looked back after that with first Gary Rutherford breaking and dishing against Gary Neeson before Kyle did the same against Simon in the decider.
Cracking match played in great spirits, unlucky to the Five Corners team and Congratulations to the Wayside team on lifting the first trophy of the season!

Shane Curran Cup Semi Finals

To be played Thursday 24th November

Parkview - Tweedies
Alexanders - Hasbeens